Paint making is viable business for you because you need to increase revenue in order to meets the growing demands of Nigerians for quality, durable and affordable paints.


  • The market potential for paint making is huge (you can make 150-200% profit)
  • Over 20 million Nigerians buy paints daily which makes it in high demand,
  • It can be done on a Part time basis
  • Does not requires electricity or Internet connection
  • Does not require education.
  • Age, experience, gender or capital holding are not a barrier
  • Simplicity (paint making is as simple as learning ABC

Consider the numerous paint contractors, home owners, students, hostels, hotels, banks and businesses in our local markets who utilize paints year in year out. In paint production and it takes less than 2 hours to finish production. All chemicals are relatively cheap.


  • 100% PRACTICAL PAINT MAKING (DIY): in different type of paints such as: Emulsion, Gloss Paint, Textured Paint, Satin Paint.
  • How you can produce 1 gallon (4 litres) of Gloss Paint for N1000 and sell it between N2000 and N2, 500. (Consider producing 10 gallons for local users like welder in a week, you earn 1000X10 = 10,000 as profits.
  • How you can produce 20 litres of Emulsion Paint for N1,100 and sell it between N3,500 and N4,000. (Consider producing 5 (20 litres) for local users like painters, building material dealers in a week, you earn at least 2400X5 = 12,000 as profits.
  • How you can produce 20 litres of Textured Paint for N1, 500 and sell it between N3, 500 and N4, 000. Based on the above calculation, you will be earning at least 10,000 in profits.
  • How to train other people on making cool cash from paint making and you charge exactly or above what you paid to get trained.


Painters, artisans, welders, carpenters, builders, artists, students, school leavers, school drop outs, home owners, art stores, building materials/construction dealers.  In fact, so far you have your two hands no matter your age, you are eligible for the training.


*Training manual/ hand outs and materials (worth N5,000)

*free safety kits and production items/chemicals (worth N5,000)

*24hrs full support follow up to ensure you set up your own paint making business (worth N30,000 for 3 months)

*full support on product pricing and quotation (N5,000)

Total payable is 45k

GUESS WHAT? I will be giving all attendees a whopping 102% slash. special offerIn other words, you wouldn’t have to cough out that amount. Though, it’s never too much if you are to pay 70k for this training.

I know of a particular comp may that charged 75k to organize paint making seminar in Lagos last year. A participant from the seminar whom I coincidentally met at the NYSC orientation camp told me:


Pix: Training batch B NYSC members on paint making in Awoe nberi in Imo State


“They company couldn’t afford to let the cat out of the bag”.

Do you know what that means? In other words, they were taught practical on Emulsion and Textured paints, other painting types they learnt were mainly in theory. For instance satin and oil based paint which were undoubtedly some of the most expensive paints were not taught in this just one day seminar.

Don’t dare out of this one time opportunity. Because in this seminar I will simply hold you by the hand and give you the nitty-gritty of paint making. This you will not get anywhere. People who claim to teach paint making have been hiding a lot of secret concerning this business. And after scraping the pockets of determined young Nigerian, they are left alone without to go about it without support on how to grow the business.  These secrets that have been hidden is what I will be telling you and you will practicalize it yourself. I mean you will be led to produce all types of paints by yourself. With this knowledge you will be able to:

First, complement your income in paint related business because you will be saving huge amount from cost of buying branded paint products from major producers.


Secondly, even as a beginner, you will be able get yourself self sustaining businesses that fetch you money any day any time.

Thirdly, you will become your own boss.

Forth you will become an employer of labour and contribute to GDP of the country. there are other numerous benefits.

If I do not meet all that have been promised, then ask for refund. I mean “FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEED”.

Even a dummy will understand this step by step that I will reveal to you in this paint making business.

I bet you this is a MONEY SPINNER; don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Just grab the offer


Please do not pay to anybody, payment is only permitted by cash on the training date and at the seminar venue:

DATE FOR TRAINING: 11th and 12th November, 2017

VENUE: Chosen Hotel and Suites, Ihumudumu Road, Ekpoma

TIME: 10.00 am to 4.00pm

Brought to you by: D&D Art Point and Integrated Services.

The company is registered with the CAC,

Address: Head office @ no 38 Ujemen Road, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria.

Phone: 07056316808 or 09039458838


Our corporate goals and objectives:

  1. To present an improved quality painting brands that can compete with best brands in the nigerian market .
  2. Continuous training of our employees and potential job seekers for efficiency and self reliant.

3.To endeavor to get the best for the benefit of the consumers.

4.To add value to the society through creation of employment.


About the Author: Martins E.O is a graduate of sociology with more than 4 years experience in paint production and has made close to 1 million on sales of paint product in this year only.